Monday, November 10, 2008

This is what I LOVE:

This is what I MISS:

And this is what I am EXCITED for:

First of all rain has been plentiful the last few days here in Rexburg and it's been fantastic! My reaction to the rain is always happiness and joy.

I was walking out of the Ricks building yesterday and heard a conversation that went a little something like this:

teacher: "It's raining cats and dogs outside!"

student: "I know it's like we live in Seattle or something."

teacher and student: "Oh hahahah!!!"

Truth is, it was sprinkling. Oh Seattle how you rain.

Second, I miss recycling. Rexburg does not have this luxury, therefore the garbage in my apartment is taken out 24 times a day, instead of 0. I would say 3 times a week is sufficient, but not without recycling. Let me paint you a picture. Today I came home from classes, walked in the kitchen for some lunch, looked into the trash can to find this:

I would say that 88% of the time our garbage is overflowing with an empty jug of milk, a box of empty pop-tarts, an empty pizza box, 4 other kinds of empty cardboard boxes, and today someone had the audacity to try to stuff the card board and plastic from what used to hold 36 water bottles.... no, it did not all fit.

Thirdly, Two more weeks until Thanksgiving!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! Eight days of bliss in beautiful Bothell and hopefully a few in Seattle!


Myke said...

I can sympathize with you on the garbage thing. I've enjoyed the rain as well, except when it's windy (which is too often here). I found myself wishing that I were joining you in Seattle then I remembered that I'll be in Arizona and it will be 70 degrees and sunny all week long.

holli hale said...

yay! Kari you finally updated! and you did a classy makeover to the set up. Keeo up the good work. I expect another post within the next week. If you can prove to me that you can maintain a blog, then I will add you to my blog roll.

Leah said...

Hi, I'm coming to see you in 3 weeks and I expect to see some recycling going on. Either that or some whales.

Taffrine! said...

rexburg does recycle!!! you just have to take it to wal mart i think it is. :)